Lorenz Meierhofer, 1992

Born and raised in the Swiss alps
MSc Biomedical Engineering ETHZ
4 years of field experience in the BioTech industry
Trained rescue swimmer
Sports🎾, music🎺 & nature🌻


I believe that nature is the best place for adventure and teamwork - experiencing so much with so little. In a world that is dominated by screens and often isolates us, my goal is to bring people together.

I take teams out into nature where we experience a new form of unity through riddles, challenges and adventures. Here we discover not only the beauty of the surroundings, but also our own abilities and the strengths of each individual in the team.

Everything is prepared!
With "Rhein & Raus" I would like to pick you up and inspire you.
Think of a school trip with childlike joy, a scouting excursion for amateurs, good food and fresh air. There is something for everyone.
What more do you need for a successful experience with lots of stories?